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About Us

About Us

Chargerent® designs, manufactures, installs, and operates fully automated and self-service kiosks to rent portable chargers (called powerbanks) to charge smartphones, tablets, e-cigs, and many other electronic devices anywhere and on-the-go.


Chargerent® has corporate offices in the United States (Los Angeles, California), Canada (Toronto, Ontario), and Europe (Nice, France).


Chargerent® also offers convenient charging solutions for the event industry along with a powerful marketing platform for all sponsors. Please visit our Event Services section for more information.


Chargerent® specializes in providing fully customized solutions for Corporate partners. Please visit our Custom Solutions section for more information.


Chargerent® has several partnership programs available worldwide. If you are interested in partnering with Chargerent® please contact us here.

Our Mission

Shift habits and change the way consumers recharge their electronic devices in public spaces by providing a portable solution as a superior alternative to a traditional charging station or charging locker.

Provide a simple, affordable, and convenient on-the-go charging solution for all consumer segments: business travelers, tourists, and residents.